AC for Seniors 2016

Hammers-of-Hope copyClick Here for Application 

This program is only available ONLY for residents of
Jefferson County, 

We currently have 13 units-Get one now!

Hammers of Hope, a program of JCCP, is offering free air conditioners to qualifying low income seniors, 60 and over.  The 8000 BTU units will be delivered and installed by Hammers of Hope volunteers on a first come, first served basis.

Program Coordinator Tom Rojas at 636-465-0983 X 112
or the Program Manager Dennis Murphy at 636-465-0983 X 106

Maximum Household Income Guidelines based on 130% of current HUD Jefferson County Very Low Income:

Family Size (Check one) Annual Income (Check one) Monthly Income
One  Person $32,538 $2,711
Two Persons $37,158 $3,096
Three Person $41,778 $3,481
Four Persons $45,398 $3,866
Five Persons $50,160 $4,180
Six Persons $53,856 $4,488
Seven Persons $57,552 $4,796
Eight Persons $61,248 $5,104