Hammers of Hope Eligibilty Guidelines

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Mission Statement:  Hammers of Hope is intended to be a safety net that provides home repairs at no cost to the homeowner, focused on safety, increased independence, and greater accessibility issues to low-income families, seniors, and persons with disabilities, who have exhausted all available assistance options.  “Hammers of Hope” is a cooperative charitable effort made possible by Jefferson County Community Partnership (JCCP) and a coalition of home repair volunteers, contractors and agencies.

Typical repairs provided include minor carpentry, plumbing, electrical, plastering, painting, glazing, and cleaning. HOH also constructs ramps for persons with accessibility issues. The focus is to keep homeowners living independently in safety and comfort. HOH would like to be able to help everyone who needs assistance but services are available based on funds and volunteer availability.


  1. Applicants must own and live in their own home or mobile home (except in the case of AC Unit requests) and have neither the resources nor the ability to do the work themselves.
  2. Applicants must provide proof of homeownership.
  3. Applicants must meet income eligibility guidelines and provide documentation of total household income for all persons living in the home.
  4. If Applicant lives in a mobile home they must have written permission from the mobile home park management for any outside work to be done or handicapped ramp to be built.
  5. Persons will disabilities shall be deemed as priority cases.
  6. Applicants must provide proof of age.
  7. Applicants must provide a list of other agencies contacted who have referred you to us or denied you services.
  • Not returning or completing necessary information may disqualify you for consideration.

If you have any questions you can contact:
Program Coordinator Tom Rojas at 636-465-0983 X 112 or the Program Manager Dennis Murphy at 636-465-0983 X 106

         Mail documentation to:

            Hammers of Hope

         3875 Plass Rd. Bldg A

           Festus, MO 63028



Maximum Household Income Guidelines based on 130% of HUD 2015 Jefferson County Very Low Income:


Family Size (Check one) Annual Income
(Check one)
Monthly Income
One Person $32,538 $2,711
Two Persons $37,158 $3,096
Three Persons $41,778 $3,481
Four Persons $45,398 $3,866
Five Persons $50,160 $4,180
Six Persons $53,856 $4,488
Seven Persons $57,552 $4,796
Eight Persons $61,248 $5,104

To receive services homeowner(s) must be willing to sign a Hold Harmless agreement protecting the partnering agencies and their volunteers from any cause of action, claim, loss, demand, or suit arising from or related to: the presence of any Hammers of Hope Affiliate on or about the Premises, and any services provided by any Hammers of Hope Affiliate; negligence or any damages to personal or real property; or any injuries sustained by the homeowner, any of family members, or friends.

Please understand that returning the application or even a visit to your home by a representative from Hammers of Hope does not mean you will be accepted into the program. This application shall serve as a waiver that your story and any pictures taken can be used for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and promotional purposes. If you are selected, we expect able-bodied homeowners and family members to work alongside our volunteers.