Why should you join The Parenting Network?

* Our program participation is FREE!

* You will receive FREE parenting materials & resources!

* You can earn incentives for meeting monthly participation requirements!

* You can earn FREE books for your children!

* We have a FREE lending library available to our clients!

* You will receive monthly newsletters with family events & resources!

* We offer FREE childcare at our educational meetings!

* You will have the opportunity to meet other parents and develop new friendships!




What is The Parenting Network?

 The Parenting Network (TPN) is a FREE voluntary program that supports you in your valuable role as a parent.  TPN serves families through home visits and group meetings.  We encourage you to get to know the other parents in the network, form friendships, and get together outside of the formal meetings.

What happens at a home visit?

A Program Manager will schedule a visit with you once a month.  At the first visit, the Program Manager will enroll you in the program, give you a list of resources, and help develop an individualized family plan with specific outcomes for the year.  Progress on outcomes will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  The other home visits will follow a structured curriculum as well as provide referrals and support for family outcomes.  Each visit will be a minimum of an hour long.

How do I earn incentives?

You earn incentives by enrolling in TPN and meeting monthly requirements of the program.  Requirements include a monthly home visit, monthly reading log, attending a TPN education meeting (as scheduled), and completing assessments following enrollment.

Incentives are distributed on the date you earn them.  You choose your incentives prior to having your home visit or TPN meeting.  Items to choose from may include diapers, wipes, pull ups, baby wash, toilet paper, and laundry detergent.

What is the Reading/Literacy Log?

One of TPN’s goals is to promote literacy and to prepare children to enter school.  Reading to your child is an important step towards school readiness.  The literacy log needs to include an average of 4 hours per week spent on literacy based activities with your children.  The literacy logs will run from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.  The literacy log needs to be turned in the following month at a home visit in order to receive your FREE books.

What is the Lending Library?

The lending library has books, videos, and theme boxes and bags available to check out.  The theme boxes and bags focus on child development skills such as colors, numbers & counting, opposites, music, five senses, potty training, science & nature, school readiness, etc.  These activities are important to help prepare your child for school.  If you have a suggestion of new materials, please feel free to share.

What meetings does TPN have available?

TPN provides educational meetings once a quarter.  Meeting dates/times/locations are subject to change.  Meetings are usually held at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church and Harbor Community Church but may be subject to change.  Please check your newsletter to get exact dates/times/locations for each meeting.

What happens at a TPN educational meeting?

The Program Manager or a guest speaker presents a topic that focuseson parenting and early childhood issues.

TPN meetings begin 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for social networking and questions. Meals are provided to eat as a whole family before children go into childcare.  The speaker begins promptly at the scheduled start time and will end approximately 10 minutes prior to end time in order to complete meeting evaluations and give out incentives.

Please give the speaker your attention and respect during their presentation.  Please turn off your cell phone.  If you need to move around during the meeting, please do so quietly.  Also, if you need to keep your child with you during the meeting, please bring a “quiet activity” to occupy your child.  (If your child becomes restless, feel free to step out to calm your child.)  After the speaker finishes their presentation, feel free to socialize, ask questions, and don’t forget to pick your child up from childcare before the scheduled end time.

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