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The Parenting Network (TPN) is a FREE voluntary program that supports you in your valuable role as a parent.  TPN serves families through home visits, referrals, resources, availability to our extensive lending library and a monthly newsletter.  Learn parenting skills that are important to YOUR family. 

  -  Topics such as discipline, self-worth, personal power and managing feelings. 

  -  Receive support and resources to achieve your goals.  Prepare your child for success! 

  -  Earn incentives for you and your child.

To participate in TPN, you need to be a resident of Jefferson County.  In addition, you must have a child (or children) from birth through 8 years old.  You will also need to meet specific income requirements.  For the 0-3 age program, you will need to meet ONE of several other requirements as well.  Please contact to see if you meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

Enjoy our monthly newsletter which includes parent articles, events and activities.  It also includes library  and community activity calendars.


I'm interested in the program; contact me!

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